let me hear it...

Q. “Sounds like you are working on a new solo project. What can we expect?”

A. “At this point I’m targeting music that focuses on the faith we have as believers in Christ. Faith has many facets, and my hope is that the songs on this project encourage listeners to think on that. I’d like the music to take them through a time where they're thankful for their faith, focused on what it means to them, and reflecting on how to give it back to God.”

Q. “Are there any particular challenges?

A. “One of the biggest challenges is creating a complete musical theme. I don't envision the CD as a collection of various, unrelated songs. There should to be a complete thought process of the lyrics and style of music.”

Q. “How does this differ from what you’ve done before?”

A. “If you're familiar with my previous work, you'll notice some changes. I’m moving to a more contemporary style, but maintaining relevant content. This CD will be an opportunity for me to explore a direction I’ve desired to pursue for quite some time. The music will be upbeat and exciting!”

Q. “What have past recording experiences taught you?”

A. “I’ve had opportunities to work on projects both in Nashville and local studios. In each case a lack of time and funds impacted the results. I’m approaching this project differently, recording it primarily in my own studio with some collaboration from key individuals. This should provide more freedom to spend the time and effort necessary to achieve what I ultimately want others to hear and experience. My hope is that God will use this project to convey the message He's laid upon my heart.”

Q. “When will it be ready?”

A. “I’m targeting some time in early 2005 for project release.”

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